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    "Freedom Train"
Duffy Hudson / Lonell R. Childred

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  T.C.P. Micro-Society is time set aside where students apply their knowledge by participation in society simulations. The simulations focus on specific areas of society such as government, business, marketing, and technology. T.C.P. Micro-Society gives students an understanding of world operations, teaches practical skills, and develops social interactionary skills. When students understand the applications of what they are learning, they become independent learners. Learning continues after the classes finish, after the week ends, and after a student graduates from T.C.P.

 During the micro-society hour the horticulture strand was kept very busy, white having fun. The purpose of the horticulture class is to enhance the atmosphere, restore beauty to the grounds of T.C.P. World Academy, while teaching the children the pleasures that come with working in the soil. In addition to teaching how to plant and mulch comes the science part. Teaching the needs of living things (energy and nutrients for growth, water shelter and protection; reactions to climate or other environmental stresses; reproduction; growth and maturation) of plants. Children will be able to identify the potential safety hazards and precautions involved in scientific investigations, identify and describe patterns from observations. Use known characteristics of plants to infer or extrapolate other characteristics of those plants. Also be able to recognize that there are positive and negative impacts on most human activities.

   Our class consisted of ten students who have completed and are still working on many landscaping activities. These activities consist of an experiment of hot vs. cold surroudings, mulching new and old beds, growing grass, trimming bushes, laying down sod, planting various types of flowers, reconstructing a rock wall, and also building a terrarium. 
---Mr. Miller----

   One of the first things I wanted to cover with my first and second graders was the concept of Marketing... itself so I explained to them how companies and people buy and sell using marketing as a tool for advertising their products for example how Coke-Cola use slogans to sell their soft drinks (”you got the right one baby uh hu”) We also developed and design our own products and used color graphic on the computers to help aid us. To continue our education we moved on to other studies...

I wanted to break the children in to multiplication ,so after weeks of doing banners and slogans for other strands we wanted to give math a try ,for the most part I started them with single digit multiplication facts and they really liked it ! And I was able to teach them how to read a multiplication chart and they caught on very fast.      
---Mr. Jones---