T.C.P. World Academy



The Broadcasting/Performing Arts strand consists of 2nd and 3rd grade students who improve their reading and speaking skills through recitations, plays and delivering the news to students. Students performed for a full house of parents December 19th They recited the Marva Collins Creed and performed in a play written by one of T.C.P. World Academy’s teachers, Mrs. Dena McGhee. The play emphasized the importance of being independent learners and completing the Holiday Packet of academic activities. The Broadcasting/Performing Arts Strand goals are to prepare students to be leaders of their communities and therefore becoming “citizens of the world”.


Students are involved in the television production process to broadcast current world events and T.C.P. World Academy news via our own television network station WTCP.


The Broadcasting/Performing Arts Strand and the Newspaper Strand will be networking in our Micro-Society just like they do in the city. We realize the television stations get much of their news from newspaper stories. Mrs. Sonya McCoy, Mr. Arnold Cornett and their newspaper strands will work closely with the Broadcasting/Performing Arts Strand. The Broadcasting Performing Arts teacher, Ms. Sheryl Garner, plans to have the broadcast station available for classrooms to present proficiency test taking strategies to students. It’s not surprising that the Broadcast/Performing Arts students strive to be great readers while the Newspaper Strand students perfect their writing skills.


In the future the Broadcast performing Arts Strand plans to schedule a visit to one of the television network stations in the city. The trip will be scheduled when Ms. Garner feels students understand the entire process and can present themselves like reporters. The Newspaper Strand is hoping to have Ms. Morowsky come and share information about her career with them, after the Proficiency Test.