T.C.P. World Academy

Horticulture Strand of the Micro- Society


The Horticulture Strand consists of fifth and sixth grade students whose interest are in the botany strand of Science. Students learn Science and Math objectives in real life meaningful hands on activities. The entire landscaping around the school is done by students. Students helped turn soil and planted bushes and flowers. Recently students learned about the planting season for certain plants. They learned which plants can live on the sunny Woodford side of the school and which ones can survive with little sun on the Ridge side of T.C.P. World Academy. They also learned how to maintain plants, flowers and soil. Students in the Horticulture Strand learned how to identify soil rich in nutrients and how to identify different types of soil; top soil, clay soil and sandy soil. The Horticulture Strand curriculum integrates Math skills with those of Science. Students apply measuring, geometry and number relations math skills. When the Woodshop Strand was working on plans for the new play area built by our plant operator, Mr. Dan Mills, in December, the Horticulture Strand had to figure out what to do to keep the vegetation from growing in the play area. Students helped spread the mulch ground covering in the play area. They were surprised how much mulch it took to adequately safeguard the area.


Future goals for the Horticulture Strand, during the winter months, are to beautify the inside of T.C.P. World Academy with indoor plants and build a terrarium for both Kindergarten classes. The Strand will not be as active the month of February, all students will give full concentration to preparing for the Proficiency Tests. Students will utilize the Micro-Society Strand hour to work on the Orchard proficiency objective based software and other enrichment activities to help students improve their individual academic challenges.


When spring arrives, you will see students beautifying the grounds. When their teacher, Mr. Thomas Miller, feels students are adequately prepared they will offer their services to elderly neighbors in the community.