Community Service


   Community service strand overview The community service strand of micro-society was a strand designated for third and fourth grade students that were interested in focused on giving service to others around the city and within the school building. The students learned different ways of being a good citizen within a community of people. The students planned and organized a school-wide canned-goods food drive, in which they collected over 800 canned-goods from students in the school. The children donated them to the Freestore Foodbank. In addition, the 21 students were also assigned responsibility to completing a particular job within the school building to assist one or more of the staff members, for example helping teachers prepare for the end of the day, collecting trash from each classroom, sweeping the stairs, and watering plants around the building. Overall, these students used hands-on experiences to learn the importance of being a good citizen and realizing that each citizen in a community has responsibilities.


Erica D. Louis