The Newspaper Strand


The Newspaper Strand is a very productive, exciting and academically-charged element of the micro-society at T.C.P. World Academy. The main goal of the strand is to produce a student-generated newspaper for the school. To accomplish this goal the students in the strand learn and utilize research skills, practice interviewing techniques and discover information gathering methods. The students also gain extra experience in reading comprehension and in following the five steps of the writing process, which will help them to raise their proficiency test scores. Students in the Newspaper Strand discuss the roles of a newspaper’s staff. They also examine the various components of a newspaper and explore the field of journalism as a career.

T.C.P.’s newspaper, The Eagle’s Voice, is a bi-monthly publication. The December 2002/January 2003 issue featured Principal’s Corner (an interview with Karen French, T.C .P.‘s founder and principal), news from other micro-society strands, upcoming events within the school, a listing of all student achievement awards for the first quarter, student-created poetry and various informational articles, which were all written by students. To add an element of fun, students generated a crossword puzzle and a few word puzzles. Student and staff birthdays were collected and published as well.

Technology is an integral part of this strand. The Eagle’s Voice “staff’ uses the Internet to find and or verify information, such as the origin of Kwanzaa and the Cincinnati Bearcat basketball schedule for the season. Students visit a puzzle making website on the Internet to design and produce crossword puzzles and word searches. The students use computer graphics programs to add clip art and make calendars. They use word processing programs to publish edited work which has been submitted by students throughout the school.

Actual newspapers and newspaper articles are frequently used as teaching tools in the Newspaper Strand. Not only do newspapers serve as models for good writing, they also provide the perfect means to demonstrate eye-pleasing page layout and effective design. This intimate experience with newspapers piques student interest in reading the newspaper, which will most likely set the stage for life-long learning.


Sonya McCoy

Arnold Cornett