Mrs. McGhee


Grades 3 and 4


The Performing Arts strand is comprised of students who have a strong desire to express themselves through act and speech. The students who are selected for this particular strand have a talent in acting, dancing, or singing. The students are also excited to perform for live audiences.

First, the students learn the importance of facial expression. Expression can tell how a person feels without saying a word. Adjectives in Language Arts are strongly reinforced when students learn facial expression through act. Then, the students learn to mime. Mime is an act without spoken words. This gives each student an opportunity to express themselves through movement. Finally, the students are taught dialect. They use certain tones in their voices to tell how they feel when speaking. When all three components are joined together, it is the art of performing.

In December, the students performed a short skit titled & Work Packet Christmas for the student body and parents of T.C.P. World Academy. Every student played an important role. Whether it was speaking or movement, no student in the strand was left out of the performance. The students were very exited to receive overwhelming applause from the audience and are anticipating their next performance in the spring.