The Mission of T.C.P. World Academy is for students to become academically involved, independent learners through participation in micro-society activities utilizing technology for higher learning. Our students will understand the rationale for their education and the importance of this experience and viable participation in a global society.

T.C.P. World Academy, approaching its 18th year of operation, is a community school located in Cincinnati, Ohio. T.C.P. is free to students in the Cincinnati Public School District and adjacent districts.

The 21st Century will be driven by technology. T.C.P. World Academy uses the technology available to educate children. T.C.P. utilizes interactive software, the Internet, and telecommunications to better prepare students for college and the new global society. TCP does not solely rely on books and teachers; learning resources from around the world are used for instruction.

T.C.P. World Academy is financed by the Ohio Department of Education in the same manner as the Cincinnati Public Schools. However, T.C.P. does not rely on tax levies to supplement the Ohio Department of Education. Instead, federal grants supplement T.C.P.
T.C.P. World Academy is not connected to the Cincinnati Public Schools' central office. Finances go directly to the needs of students.
T.C.P. World Academy features education based upon our global society at large.
T.C.P. Education is comprised of:
  • Micro-Society (learning-through-living program)
  • College preparatory course work
  • Foreign Language Instruction
  • Interactive proficiency-based software and word processing
  • Character building social skills
  • Small class size/low teacher-to-student ratio
  • Certified teachers and assistants teachers in each grade